On Ice Rules & Guidelines

Regardless of your level of skill, there are elements of risk in skating. Use common sense, show courtesy to others, and anticipate dangerous situations before they arise.

  1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other skaters.
  2. While on the ice, keep moving. Don’t stop where you obstruct other skaters. Don’t skate in groups.
  3. Skaters running programs have first right of way.
  4. Skaters in class or private lessons have second right of way; Coaches should remain close to the boards or by their students at all times and not plant themselves in the direct path of travel of skaters. Do not chase your skaters and share the ice.
  5. Do not stand against the wall to the point it blocks the flow of traffic.
  6. If a break or conversation is needed for a period of time please exit the ice and return when you are ready to continue skating.
  7. Please be aware of your surrounding and always look before leaving an area.
  8. Don’t carry children or other items while skating.
  9. Rink equipment can be dangerous. Stay off the ice when resurfacing is in progress.
  10. Respect the ice. Please do not litter or use foul language.

Use caution and skate in control. Respect other skaters. The rink’s monitors cannot guarantee our safety and will not protect you from injury. It is part of your responsibility to avoid other skaters and hazards. Failure to use good judgement and skate responsibly will result in the loss of skating privileges.

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