On Ice Rules & Guidelines

Regardless of your level of skill, there are elements of risk in skating. Use common sense, show courtesy to others, and anticipate dangerous situations before they arise.

Freestyle - Music Guidelines

  • Skaters on program have the right of way.
  • Skaters and coaches should yield quickly and politely when a skater is skating their program.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and space yourself appropriately amongst other skaters.
  • Students on a lesson are able to be bumped.
  • All music played must be appropriate and cannot contain profanity.
  • All skaters and coaches are expected to demonstrate common sense on the ice and music being played on the ice.
  • Coach can only bump their skater into the que twice per lesson.
  • Maximum of TWO program run-throughs in a row.
  • Skater or coach that just did their program must move the phone or music player over along with all other phones and music players in line.


Freestyle Sessions - Skating Rules

  • No game playing at any time on ice.
  • Exit the ice promptly at the end of each session and no skaters may be on the ice when the Zamboni is resurfacing.
  • Skaters and coaches must stay moving at all times and can’t be standing in the middle of the rink in the way of other skaters.
  • Any skater wearing hockey skates or a helmet must be with a coach at all times.
  • Keep the traffic flow moving through the primary Lutz corners.
  • Usage of the middle circle must be avoided.
  • Skaters who do not follow ISCC or Safesport Code of Conduct will be warned. If the behavior continues, skaters will be removed from the ice with no refund.
  • Skaters are not permitted to use hand held devices or earphones while skating (coaches are permitted to use handheld devices at their own risk).
  • Coaches may teach group (semi-private) lessons with no more than 2 skaters. Busy sessions may have additional group rules restrictions imposed if safety is a factor.
  • All questions and concerns must be forwarded to the Director of Figure Skating.

If you have any issues and would like to voice your concerns, please inform your coach. If the coach is unable to resolve the issue, it is required that you bring it to the attention of Daniel Petrenko, Director of Figure Skating by email.

Failure to use good judgement and skate responsibly will result in the loss of skating privileges.

Daniel Petrenko

Director of Figure Skating

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