Drop In Hockey

ISCC has several new options for players of all ages and skill levels to play the game you love!

For all drop in sessions, players must check in at front desk to receive a wristband. Full equipment required. Players must adhere to the ISCC Rules and Regulations at all times.

Drop In

Drop In Hockey ice is held for practice sessions for hockey players of all ages that want to work on puck handling, shooting, passing, skating, and other skills in a non-game situation OR with small area cross ice games also allowed.

Registered and approved private coaches may utilize Drop In Hockey ice times if working with one player (1:1) only. Registered coaches should utilize Private Lesson Ice times when working with 2 or more skaters.

General Admission: $20 per skater.

Sessions offered daily. Times vary. Please refer to Rink Schedule

Mites & Squirts

Friday Night Mites & Squirts (Sundays too!) is Drop In Hockey ice for our up and coming hockey stars! Players must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No private lessons.

Session offered Sunday at 11:30 am (1 Hour)

*Session will be held at 9:10AM on Sunday, 5/28

General Admission: $10 per skater / parent.

Skills & Drills

Skills & Drills, currently held on Saturdays, is Drop In Hockey ice with a twist. Players can drop in to work on their puck handling, shooting, passing, skating, and other skills with the help of an ISCC coach! An ISCC coach will be on hand to run some drills and have some fun! No private lessons.

Sessions offered Wednesday 4:50 pm, Friday 6:00 pm and Saturday 12:10 pm. All sessions are 1 hour.

General Admission: $25 / player.

Private Training Ice

Ice is held for Private and Small Group Training Sessions led by ISCC Coaches and/or Registered Private Coaches.

Private coaches must register with ISCC at the front desk or by emailing hockey@isccskate.com and provide a valid certificate of insurance to coach private sessions. USA Hockey certification does NOT apply. Coaches must register and provide a valid insurance certificate.

Coaches and players must check in at front desk. Wrist bands required.

Stick Time

Stick Time Hockey is pick up style full ice game play. No checking, no officials. No private lessons.

Morning Stick Time (Adult) ice is for adults looking for some pick up hockey before breakfast!

Morning Admission: $10 per skater. No fee for goalies.

Stick Time (Ages 15+) ice is for players age 15+ looking for a good old fashion pick up game!

General Admission: $15 per skater. No fee for goalies.

Drop In Hockey

There are several options to Drop In and play some hockey at ISCC this Summer!

Drop In Hockey: $20 per skater

Mites & Squirts: $10 per skater, must be accompanied on ice with parent or guardian.  $10 fee for parent/guardian 'coach'.

Private Lesson Ice (Private Coaches Only): $20 per skater.  Coaches must provide valid certificate on insurance.

Skills & Drills: $25 per skater

Morning Stick Time (Adult): $10 per skater

Stick Time (15+): $15 per skater

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